Bell pepper harvester


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Какво се изисква

  • Амбициозен, Дисциплина, Упоритост, Присъстващ
  • Младши

Какво ще получите

  • €14.27 за час
  • Luttelgeest
  • 40 - 45 часа
  • Бонуси
Are you motivated to work in greenhouse horticulture as a Bell pepper harvester? We are preparing for the upcoming season and we are looking for you!

What are you going to do?

As a Bell pepper harvester you are responsible for harvesting the bell peppers in the greenhouse. The work is supported by high-level technology, so that you are able to do your work with the best quality. Even though the technology is there to help, the harvesting pepper is done traditionally, by hand. We pay high attention on developing the team work, so you will work together with several colleagues in a friendly team. The work is performed in a warm and humid environment, so safety shoes are mandatory to wear. This will avoid accidents from slipping, and will ensure safety while working on the work carts, that will level up according to the grow in height of the peppers.
We are looking for flexible employees as the work as Bell pepper harvester depends very much on the environmental conditions. 
You will start the job with a training, that will prepare you for the process of harvesting bell peppers. The Team Leader will will not only support you in your daily work, but also follow your development, and make sure all your needs are met. 
The average number of working hours per week over the season is 40+ hours. The start time is always the same, but the end time may vary. It is important that you are willing to work 5.5 days a week. Depending on the production and the phase of growth of the peppers, work might also be done on Saturdays.
Click here for a video about the job.

Who are you?

  • Motivated and willing to achieve team-oriented goals
  • Good eye/hand coordination and preferably right-handed
  • You have the ability of differentiating colors, as paprikas are sorted in 3 different colors and not afraid of heights (the work is performed on harvest carts that can lift to the height of the paprika)
  • Not afraid of spiders
  • Preferably you speak English
We are looking for people who want to work longer in the Netherlands. This can be continuous or several harvest seasons in a row, with a long vacation in the winter period.

What will you get?

  • New living facilities – two-person apartments in walking/biking distance from the company
  • Company bonus – net bonus of €15 per week worked. Depending on how many weeks you work per year, a maximum of a net bonus of €780 per year can be saved, on top of the regular salary. For this you have to work at this company for at least 10 weeks (min. 3 days a week). In addition, you must also be working at the time of payment. You keep to your agreements, your work meets the set standards and you receive a positive assessment

Where will you work?

The company you will be working for is a bell pepper nursery that grows bell peppers at five locations in the Netherlands, covering an area of ​​160 hectares, or about 320 soccer fields. They started in Nootdorp in 1987 and later moved to Luttelgeest.

Are you the motivated Bell pepper harvester we are looking for? We want you! Come work for this fun company!

* The minimum wage is based on the basic wage; the maximum wage includes ADV and allowances.

Join the team!

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