Production employee tomato


кандидатствайте сега

Какво се изисква

  • Perseverance
  • Junior

Какво ще получите

  • €11.75 за час
  • Kwintsheul
  • 38 - 45 часа
  • Pension scheme

We are looking for a production employee tomatoes for a family business in Kwintheul. Read the vacancy for more information! 

What are you going to do?

As a Tomato Production Employee, you are engaged in harvesting (picking) tomatoes, cutting leaves, pulling bunches and at the end of the season you help to empty the greenhouse. The work takes place in a greenhouse. In the summer it gets hot in the greenhouse.

For the work it is important that you do not suffer from fear of heights, given the height at which you perform the work. To harvest the tomatoes, you stand on a harvesting cart that you drive through the paths of the greenhouse along the tomato plants to pick the tomatoes. It is wise to wear work shoes for this.

The tomatoes are sorted and packed in the sorting hall. You perform the work in a production hall on the assembly line. The working hours are from 07:00-17:00 with a 60 minute break per day. 

Who are you?

  •        You honor agreements
  •        You are motivated
  •        You have perseverance
  •        You master the Dutch or English language

What do you get?

  •        You will end up in a fun and motivated team
  •        Travel allowance
  •        Pension scheme
  •        Holiday money

Where will you work?

The company is a no-nonsense family business that grows loose tomatoes at 3 locations (close to each other) with a total area of ​​11 hectares. The company has a permanent core of employees and during the season the group expands to approximately 50 to 60 employees. Many foreign students also work in the company during the summer months.

The harvested tomatoes are processed in a sorting shed, sorted and packaged by 10 Westland growers. The company also extracts geothermal heat (heat from the subsoil) itself. With this they can heat 51 hectares of greenhouses. This saves a lot of natural gas and also emits less CO2.

Does this vacancy appeal to you and do you feel like getting started as a Production Employee? Then apply now!

* The minimum wage is based on the basic wage; the maximum wage includes ADV and allowances.

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