We are Charlie

and Charlie works

Charlie works is the helper, the ally and the team player.

We are the helping hand for entrepreneurs and employees throughout Europe. Our goal is to make work a little easier and more fun for everyone.

Don't worry be happy, we've got this!

Charlie works all over Europe

We strive to be the most prominent partner in employment solutions in Europe and we are definitely moving in the right direction. We have offices in five countries, but we deploy and recruit in even more. As the central organization, we bring everyone together in one team and we support all our members and partners in their work. Let’s cross borders together.

Charlie innovates

The world of work is changing rapidly. That’s why we are always on the move. Our specialists work on new concepts on a daily basis, we look for opportunities for expanding our network and we test innovative technologies. These efforts lead to our highest goal: to make it easier to find work and employees.

How Charlie works

Our goal is to simplify the process of getting qualified and motivated employees. To achieve this, we have various methods and concepts so we can always offer you a tailormade solution.

Our service includes much more than offering temporary employees. We have a lot of experience and can support you throughout the entire work process. For example contracting, HR services, sustainability, advice and high skilled recruitment.


With the NEN 4400-1 certification, our partners can be sure that they are exempt from additional taxes under the Dutch Chain Liability legislation.
The VCU certification checks whether Charlie works communicates a sound system of health and safety guidelines to employees.
The accommodation that we offer our members naturally meets all the set standards and requirements in the field of safety, hygiene and quality. In this we work closely with external partners to guarantee quality.


Do you need help or support?

Let us know and a specialist in your field will contact you to discuss the options.