Charlie works is a European employment agency with a passion for work. By linking motivated employees to clients, Charlie works wants to be the connector who strives to find the right solutions for our client. Our aim is to make work a little easier and more fun for everyone.

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How we work

We have a strong team spirit and believe in working together to get the job done. We help clients achieve a flawless work process. We do this by offering additional work capacity and proposing improvements. In addition, we provide advice and offer permanent support to get the most out of the collaboration. We employ in various sectors, such as logistics, agriculture, and food. But as a creative player in the temporary employment sector, we are flexible enough to also offer a personnel solution in other sectors.

We believe that having a job contributes to happiness. That is why we want to match our qualified and motivated team players to the right companies. We also assist them outside the workplace and we support our people.


What we offer

Charlie works offers various forms of collaboration. Firstly, we are specialized in temporary employment. We help clients who are (unexpectedly) looking for staff. We are looking for motivated and qualified employees who fit the company. This is a flexible solution that offers the client a lot of convenience, because we take care of the entire planning and payroll process.

Charlie works inhouse is a form of collaboration in which we employ personnel from the client's location. We offer tailor-made solutions and we try to provide our services as efficiently as possible at the lowest possible cost and high return. Together we look for an optimal connection between personnel and the workload.

With project service we take over a complete (part of the) process from the customer. We work as a standalone contractor for the project. Under our leadership and supervision, packing and repacking activities are carried out by our own team.

Charlie works throughout Europe

Charlie works throughout Europe

We strive to be the most prominent partner in employment solutions in Europe and we are definitely moving in the right direction. We recruit employees from all over Europe from our offices in the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary, and deploy people within the Netherlands and to Poland. As a central organization, we bring everyone together in one team and support all our employees and clients in their work.

Charlie Staffing


From our offices in Poland we have a special branch that deals with the recruitment and selection of highly trained personnel. Charlie staffing focuses on talents with vocational (BTEC), college and university level. Finding a good employee is a specialty that takes up a lot of time for an employer. We take the extensive process from recruitment and selection to job interviews and rejections off your hands. We believe it is important to get a good sense of our employees and clients so that we can make a perfect match. That's why we take the time to discover what makes both parties happy.

Charlie innovates

Charlie innovates

The world is changing rapidly. That is why we are always on the move. Our specialists work on new concepts every day. We are looking for opportunities to expand our network and we are testing innovative technologies. With that, we have one goal in mind: making it easier to find work and employees.

Careers Charlie works

Careers @ Charlie works

Charlie is personal, innovative, reliable, competent, flexible, and fun. Our core values determine our corporate culture. We put a smile on our customers' faces, our temporary workers, and each other. Are you a hard worker who wants to get busy and contribute to the development of Charlie? Check out our current job vacancies here!


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