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    Why Charlie?

    Our focus is on recruitment and temporary employment, which makes it our specialty to look for talent you can count on and that suits your organisation. We do this with an eye for detail and a personal and fun approach. Your job vacancies are in good hands with our team of experienced recruiters who can deploy people from our large international network. We are the quality partner that will offer support at the right moment. We make an important contribution to the entire temporary employment process and are recognized as a natural recruitment partner who uses a refreshing approach.

    We would like to be there for our clients and temporary workers by offering a complete package. We can support the entire work process, from HR services to advising on the latest developments in the labor market.

    We have more than 3000 sleeping places available for our temporary employees with the Charlie facility team that takes care of relocations, repairs, and welcoming guests. In addition, we do not pass on costs for commuting to our temporary workers. They will be provided with a bicycle and sometimes a car.



    Charlie works is active in various sectors, such as logistics, agriculture, food, and construction & technology. Through flexibility and innovation, we can also offer personnel solutions in other sectors that suit your company. From forklift driver to greenhouse worker and from machine operator to orderpicker. Whether you need 1 temporary employee or 600 for a season, we are happy to help!

    Temporary employment

    Temporary employment

    Temporary employment is ideal if a client wants to expand the team, but does not yet know for how long. This can be used to fill unexpected peaks in personnel needs or to temporarily replace a sick employee. By fishing in our large pond, we find motivated and qualified team players who fit the company. In addition, temporary employment is flexible, because the client determines the period for which personnel is needed. We also provide convenience by taking care of the entire planning and payroll process.

    inhouse cw

    Inhouse services

    Charlie works inhouse is a form of collaboration in which we employ personnel from the client's location. This can be a full-time or part-time presence, depending on the size of the demand.

    With inhouse services we offer tailor-made solutions for large clients. We look at the company and its processes and try to provide our services as efficiently as possible. This means that, together with the client, we look at the best way to keep costs as low as possible, but at the same time achieve the highest possible return. In doing so, we look for an optimal match between the employment of personnel and the workload.

    Projectservice CW

    Project service

    With project service we take over a complete (part of the) process from the client. In this model Charlie works works as a standalone contractor for the project. We make clear agreements in advance with the client about the output to be delivered and the possible deployment of resources and machines. When we get to work, circumscribed packing and repacking activities are performed by our own team of employees under our leadership and supervision.

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    We believe in teamwork. That's why we don't work for you, but with you. And we not only work with you, we are actively participating in finding suitable solutions. Only together we can move forward.

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