Corona in the Netherlands

Do you want to come and work in the Netherlands, but are you curious about the current corona rules in the Netherlands? On this page you can read the latest information and rules from the Dutch government and what is possible in the Netherlands.

Current information

From February 25, you are no longer obliged in the Netherlands to keep one and a half (1.5) meters distance or to wear a face mask. However, it is strongly recommended to do so. Wearing a face mask is still mandatory in public transport and at airports. Finally, after a positive result on a corona test, the isolation advice has been shortened to 5 days, provided you have no complaints for 24 hours.


What is possible in the Netherlands

Everything is basically open in the Netherlands from February 25. The hospitality industry and nightclubs are also open again. This no longer requires a corona entry pass, with the exception of places inside where more than 500 people come together. For the latter, a valid QR code is still required. You can get this in one way: with a negative test certificate of a maximum of 24 hours old. For more information about the coronavirus, the measures or the corona entry pass, we refer you to the website of the Dutch government.


Vaccination for labour migrants

Vaccinations against the coronavirus in the Netherlands have started. Labor migrants can also get vaccinated in the Netherlands. The conditions for vaccination are that you are registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) or the Non-residents Records Database (RNI). You can make an appointment for this yourself. For more information, see this page.


Going to the Netherlands with peace of mind

Despite the corona pandemic, you can come to the Netherlands and work here without any problems! In the Netherlands, there are only a few small measures to ensure that everyone is and stays safe. You can work without any problems in the Netherlands, but also do nice things like going out for dinner or go to events. Charlie works helps you during the entire process and is there for you when you need any help. So you can come to the Netherlands to work with peace of mind!

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